I have found over the years that the most common reasons why people don't seek treatment are:

  • Don't think that a Chiropodist can help
  • Unaware of what a Chiropodist can do
  • Worried that treatment will be painful
  • Ashamed of their feet.


An HCPC Registered Chiropodist/Podiatrist is trained to provide relief and often cures for many foot problems.  If you suffer from any pain with your feet then generally we can help.

On average, a general Chiropody treatment takes up to 30 minutes, but always takes as long as necessary. Most treatments are quite painless, but should a condition (such as an ingrown nail) be so painful, then I would always administer Local Anaesthetic.
You may be asked several questions regarding your general state of health and any medications you are taking, as this may affect treatment.  All this information is, of course, treated in strict confidence.
On your first visit, The Chiropodist will check over and treat all conditions relating to your feet. During your treatment, I will be more than happy to offer any advice regarding your foot health.
On arriving at the surgery for your first appointment, the receptionist will take details of your full name, address and telephone number. All this information will again be treated in strict confidence and will NEVER be handed to a third party.  We do ask for your telephone number at the time of booking your appointment - just in case we need to contact you to cancel, should any unforeseen circumstances arise.
Our Books are generally very full. Please try to give us 1 weeks notice when making an appointment.  
If you do require an urgent appointment, then please tell the receptionist and we will do our very best to offer you an appointment as soon as possible or a cancellation.